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Clinical improvisation techniques in music therapy

Clinical improvisation techniques in music therapy

A guide for students, clinicians and educators
Éditeur : Charles C. Thomas

Clinical__improvisation_72Based on years of their own experimentaing with the teaching of improvisation, the authors have evolved a particular developmental sequence for introducing basic techniques of improvising and applying them through role-play exercices that have been sensitively designed to bring out one's innate musicality and one's empathic regard. Part One provides an introduction to the techniques. Part two focuses on how to apply the techniques with clinical intent in order to meet the diverse needs of a client, individually or in the context of a group. This section also addresses the need to enrich one's own musicianship by providing musical resources, relevant references and guidelines for working with client's playing.

This «hands-on» guide fulfill the need for a clear process-oriented approach to mastering clinical improvisation techniques, and in a style that can be understood not only by music therapy students, clinicians and educators but also by health care administrators and providers alike.